California doubles its penalty for sodomy  |  Sen. McCarthy conflates homosexuality and Communism  |  State Department reports firing 91 homosexuals  |  McCarthy names  homosexual as “bad security risk”  | Newspaper columnists blow up the Lavender Scare  |  Nebraska Congressman gives “putrid facts” about homosexuality  |   Virginia enacts a sexual psychopath law  |  New York lowers the penalty for sodomy  |  GOP Chairman warns of “perverts who have infiltrated our government”  |  Congressman says homosexual drive is similar to menstrual cycles  |  DC police estimate 3,760 “sex perverts” working in federal government  |  Senators ask for investigation of “perverts” in government  |  Senate committee orders “Pervert Inquiry”  |  |  Senator says homosexuals’ “voluntary” resignations are “an admission of their guilt”  |  Psychiatrist denounces Lavender Scare witch hunt  |  D.C Vice head: “I had no idea I was getting into a political football”  | Coronet magazine warns of a “new moral menace to our youth” |  Mattachine Foundation holds its first meeting  |  Der Spiegel reports that 750 gay men have been arrested in Frankfort  |  Senate committee issues its report on “Employment of Homosexuals and Other Sexual Perverts.”


Wyoming enacts a sexual psychopath law  |  The State Department fires four consulate employees for homosexuality  |  Arizona raises its penalty for homosexuality  |  California judge gives police broad new powers with “Vag-Lewd” law  |  State Department reveals it has fired 54 homosexuals in 1950  |  California adds a consent process to its sterilization law  |  Ohio expands its Sexual Psychopath law to cover misdemeanors  |  FBI issues instructions for handling “sex deviates in government service”  |  Mattachine Foundation adopts its first Mission and Purposes  |  California Supreme Court gives gay bars a brief reprieve  |  FBI issues memorandum calling for information on homosexual government employees  |  The landmark gay rights book The Homosexual In America is published  |  “The greatest scandal that ever hit Pittsburgh”  |  The Los Angeles Times reports on progress toward  curing “sex offenders”


Pennsylvania enacts a sexual psychopath law  |  The State Department says it fired 119 homosexuals in 1951  |  Human Events publishes R.G. Waldeck’s “Homosexual International”  |  National Association of Evangelicals president says “U.S. Morals are at their lowest point in history”  |  California increases its penalty for sodomy  |  Mattachine co-founder Dale Jennings cleared of morals charge  |  Congress bars homosexuals from immigrating  |  McCarthy claims credit for removing 145 “deviates” from the State Department  |  First nationally-distributed gay magazine is founded  |  One, Inc.’s Articles of Incorporation are signed  |  New York Daily News: “Ex-GI Becomes Blond Beauty”


State investigators hunt homosexuals at University of Florida  |  ONE magazine asks, “When will homosexuals stop pitying themselves?”  |  Village Voice imagines “The Revolt of the Homosexual”  |  London’s Daily Express calls for purge of West End theaters  |  LGBT people riot at Cooper Do-Nuts in Los Angeles  |  Liberace wins his libel case against London’s Daily Mirror  |  ONE explores “The homosexual and the Beat Generation”  |  Mattachine Society holds its sixth annual convention in Denver  |  San Francisco mayoral candidate charges incumbent with allowing the city to become “deviate headquarters.”  |  Anti-gay psychoanalyst publishes 1000 Homosexuals  |  Britain’s ITV broadcasts the first gay-themed drama  |  A gay doctor tells other doctors about gay people   |  Ann Arbor police arrest 25 in “homosexual crackdown”